About Us

Paw Hero was born out of love for CEO pup, Churro and our hope that we can help you do a little bit better for your pup, your savings and the earth. That's why we're calling ourselves 'the good pet store.' 

Pictured here from left to right: Lucy, Churro and Tai

We are an Australian owned small business, sourcing products from Australian manufacturers and brands. We have three key questions that we ask when we choose products for Paw Hero:

  • Is it locally made and produced?
  • Is the product and packaging environmentally friendly?
  • If it's none of the above, what's the next best alternative?

Sometimes, Australia doesn't manufacture products for every product category. It's just a natural part of being a global citizen in an interconnected world. In order to present a full product range, we use the next best alternative method to choose a product that benefits your pooch the most and has the most minimal environmental and ethical impact.

Encompassing our three key questions, is one core mantra. We don't believe in an eco-premium. As consumers, we dislike being made to choose between products which are ethical but come with a ridiculous price tag and the poor quality, made in questionable conditions product. To make an impact, we understand that our products need to be just as competitive in the market than the generic products and so you don't have to think twice between the two extremes.

Let your mind be at peace, we've done the thinking for you. Please enjoy browsing the good pet store'.